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Brian (deathlyface)

Hello! I'm Brian, a student/programmer from Indonesia.

I enjoy watching movies, listening to podcasts, and coding, mainly in Python.

I am a member of Hack Club, a network of coding clubs for high school students. I co-founded Hack Club Singgasana, a coding club at my school.

I love tinkering with hardware and electronics. I built an intelligent, Wi-Fi-enabled trash bin monitoring system that won a special award in a regional competition.

I have some hacking skills, too. In 2018, I defaced my school's attendance system. The next year, I successfully SQL-inject my school's website and put an XSS script on it. Both under the pseudonym 'Mr. Hackerzz'.

I'm trying to improve my skills through MOOCs and YouTube videos. If you're new to computer science, I recommend the free CS50 course from Harvard.

Check out my GitHub:

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Q: What's your full name?
A: Brian.

Q: Where do you live? Timezone?
A: I live in West Java, Indonesia. Timezone: UTC+7

Q: What markup/scripting/programming languages can you write?
A: I'm good enough with Python and HTML. Currently learning Godot (GDScript), JS, Arduino. I used to code in Java.

Q: What's your favorite code editor?
A: Mainly VSCode (telemetry disabled) and Gedit, but I use nano on terminal/SSH.

Q: Can I hire you?
A: Nope. I'm a busy full-time student.

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