deathlyface (Brian)

Hi there! My name is Brian, and I am a 0 years old programmer/student from Indonesia. I code mostly with Python and C#, but I love to learn new languages.

More about me

I have many projects available on my GitHub! Check them out at

I am a fan of cryptocurrency and AI, prefer tabs over spaces, and a VS Code user.

I do cybersecurity/hacking 👨‍💻 in my free time. I hacked my school’s 🏫 website (illegally) under the pseudonym “Mr. Hackerz”. I found a vulnerability in too (this time I report it).

Face reveal? Click here for images of me.



Special Awards in Computer Science | Young Scientist Competition 2019

Research title: Waste Management Using Arduino Microcontroller
Description: Smart IoT trash management system with features such as notification, trash height information, location (geolocation), temperature, and humidity.

High Distinction | ICAS Digital Technologies 2018